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Meine Reisen

11 Aug

It seems like I haven’t gotten much reading done the last two weeks. I have been jumping around between four different books so that is part of the problem! šŸ˜‰ I did finish one this week called MeineĀ ReisenĀ -TheĀ Travel Memories of Henry H Stutzman-.

MeineĀ Reisen isĀ a German phrase translated My Journeys. This book is a compilation of Henry’s stories about his travels during his 89 years. The reason this book interested me and my family is because Henry is my Great-Uncle (a brother to my Grandma T.) I think thatĀ his storiesĀ would be interesting for anyone to read though.

Here is the paragraph from the back of the book: From Main Street Berlin in the 1930s to a Turkey under fire in 2008, Henry Stutzman’s adventures span eighty-nine years of traveling. This collection of his stories remembers the old Berlin, life in Civilian Public Service, sailing to post-war Europe with the Merchant Marines, and travels with family, friends, and his dear wife Katie. Grab a comfortable chair, and listen to Hank reminisce.

I love to travel, but I haven’t come anywhere close to putting in as many miles as Henry has!

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