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The Tanglewoods’ Secret

18 Jul

The Tanglewoods’ Secret by Patricia St.John is a book from my bookshelf that I just re-read again. It is definitely one of my favorites!

“Ruth,” my aunt said, “I won’t have you grow up as selfish and obstinate and ill-mannered as you are now. I am going to send you to boarding school.”

There was a long silence, and I stood perfectly still. Then I announced, “I shan’t go. I shall run away, and I shan’t come back,” and with that I ran straight out of the door.  –from the back of the book.

This book contains a sweet mixture of adventure and nature with sadness and joy mixed in it. It is the simple story of learning to allow our Shepherd to control our lives.

I don’t remember where I got this book. (Actually, I discovered it has Mom & Dad’s name in it. 🙂  ) I have found some Patricia St.John books on Paperbackswap.com and Amazon. Today I just found this site that has a lot of her books. They are definitely worth reading, even if they are classified as children’s books.

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