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Flea Market

25 Sep

Although I haven’t been very active on my blog lately I have been quite busy here at home! My recent ‘big event’ was the flea market here in Congress. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go, but it turned out really good! For some reason, my online sales did really good that weekend, too. It was a good weekend all the way around!

I had been thinking about doing the flea market for quite awhile, so I worked at slowly building my inventory up the last several months. And of course, the last two weeks I jammed everything in that I could -between doctor appointments! (It just so happened that I had like 4 appt. for tests, doctors, ect right in that time frame!)

I sewed Hand Towels and Gift Bags down to the hand sewing. Sewing goes faster for me when I work on the multiples of the same thing for awhile. I packed my bag full of hand sewing to take along to my IV appointment, but it just so happened that they started my IV on my right hand that day! I got a nap instead. 🙂

The flea market was held in the parking lot of the Congress Depot Marketplace. They have a marketplace inside for vendors to rent spaces to sell their things. It’s nice stuff, a lot of antiques. They have a bit of produce and baked goods, too.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better spot for my space. It was right up front where people walk in. They ‘had to’ walk right past my tent to get to the food! 😉  While we were setting up the manager told us to leave Dad’s truck parked behind the tent so people would see the signs for his appliance business.  That was nice of them, although we weren’t expecting that. Mom and Dad set up the tent for us. It actually didn’t take that long. It got a little breezy at times during the day, but the tent seemed pretty stable. My gift bags kept blowing away and then I realized I had laid them on the table so they were open to the wind.

It was cold in the morning when we left the house, but it really got warm during the day. Mom & I both got sun burns. There was quite a bit of traffic through the flea market until a little after noon. It really dropped off then and we were home around 3:00. I didn’t think I really sold that many items, but when I sat down and added things up I was pleasantly surprised at how much I had made. The very low entry fee ($5) helped a lot too!

So now I am quite excited to come up with things for next month! My towels sold pretty good, so I will just re-stock those, but the gift bags didn’t sell well at all. I think I need to figure out how to display them different.  While selling online has a certain appeal, I really enjoy selling local. It is so much more interesting to be able to see your customers. And maybe if I keep practicing, I won’t be such a shy saleslady! 😦  Have you had any experience with a flea market? I’d love to hear about it.


Picture God’s Creation

18 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

11 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

5 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

29 Aug

Picture God’s Creation

15 Aug

Showers of Blessings

13 Jul

Here in AZ rain really is a blessing, especially after it is so hot. I never thought of taking pictures of rain until I saw some pictures on this blog. I am still learning, but here is some of what I got. What made it so beautiful is that the sun was shining through it!


Sometimes the ‘rain’ in our lives doesn’t really seem like a blessing, but there is usually light on the other side!

In this last one I was trying to get the drops on the leaves. It didn’t turn out too good, mostly because it was starting to rain harder again and I didn’t want my camera wet!

New Greeting Card Listings

21 Jun

This morning I listed 4 new greeting cards in my Etsy Shop. The pictures on the cards are of four different sweet pea flowers. I took these photos in Phoenix, AZ. I have had fun editing them. The first pictures are pictures of the cards and the next pictures are the photo itself.  

Red Sweet Peas Handmade Photo Greeting Card Blank Inside

White Sweet Peas Handmade Photo Greeting Card Blank Inside

Pink Sweet Peas Handmade Photo Greeting Card Blank Inside

Lavendar Sweet Peas Handmade Photo Greeting Card Blank Inside

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