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Family Times -Painting Jars

27 Nov

The other day my niece and I painted glass jars to use as candle holders.  I never did this before, but it turned out pretty good.  We used all shapes and sizes of jars so we have a nice assortment.  My nephew decided it was time to sample all of his bottles!


Picture God’s Creation

30 Oct


Picture God’s Creation

2 Oct

Picture God’s Creation

25 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

18 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

11 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

5 Sep

Picture God’s Creation

29 Aug

Picture God’s Creation

22 Aug

Picture God’s Creation

15 Aug


29 Jul

The beauty of home-grown food!

Home Sweet Home!

22 Jul

Showers of Blessings

13 Jul

Here in AZ rain really is a blessing, especially after it is so hot. I never thought of taking pictures of rain until I saw some pictures on this blog. I am still learning, but here is some of what I got. What made it so beautiful is that the sun was shining through it!


Sometimes the ‘rain’ in our lives doesn’t really seem like a blessing, but there is usually light on the other side!

In this last one I was trying to get the drops on the leaves. It didn’t turn out too good, mostly because it was starting to rain harder again and I didn’t want my camera wet!

Handmade Bag Pictures

8 Jul

I got this bag done and here are the pictures. I put a zipper in the top so I can use it as a purse. That was a challenge. I actually let Mom do the sewing of the last part so I wouldn’t get so frustrated at my sewing machine. It has this habit of breaking thread lately.

I used the smaller option of the pattern Simplicity 2830. The outside, pockets, and handles are cotton.

For the lining I used a dark blue cotton. Plus inside I have a stiff fabric (I’m not actually sure what it is). I didn’t use the stiffer fabric alone for the lining because it is old-fashioned bright yellow with green flowers! Next time I want to find my real canvas to use, because the yellow stuff still isn’t quite stiff enough.

The handles are just long enough to hang comfortably on my shoulder if I want to.

I have always preferred the smallest possible purses. 🙂 So this thing looks very big to me. Amazingly all my stuff fit in it though! This picture shows it stuffed full of stuff:

I got to use it already yesterday. I made my monthly visit to the hospital infusion center for my IVIG and my book actually fit inside my purse! So I didn’t have to take two or three bags in to hold all my stuff. It depends what I take though.

I used to think I would get lots of stuff done just sitting there for 4 hours. I usually never looked at most of the stuff I took along, so I quit taking it. I’m usually so sleepy from the Benadryl I can’t concentrate and it doesn’t work to crochet with an IV in my hand! I didn’t even sleep yesterday, though. Probably because my book was so interesting! It is also one of the saddest books I’ve ever read though.

Hair Net / Bun Cover Pictures

7 Jul

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me for pictures of the hair nets actually modeled on hair. These pictures are the result! I asked my sisters to take pictures of their girls wearing the bun covers. (I don’t think the girls were too impressed). Thanks, ladies!  I couldn’t decide which pictures to use because they are all so cute so here is almost all of them! 🙂 It’s kinda scary how it makes the girls look so grown up! Am I getting old?!

As always you can find these hair nets / bun covers on both eBay and Etsy

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