Vera The King’s Daughter

24 Nov

From the trauma of childhood abuse to a crippling accident to years of dispair and loneliness, Vera’s early life was a miserable existence indeed.  The story of her journey from despair to faith is an inspiring monument to God’s faithfulness and and love.  You will marvel at Vera’s stories of miraculous feedings, supernatural protection, and amazing provision.  Her irrepressible joy, even in suffering and abject poverty, makes this unlikely princess a credit to her Father and an inspiration to all who will meet her through the pages of this book.  –from the back of the book

I was blessed and inspired by reading Vera The King’s Daughter. It is definately worth your time to read.  It is interesting and captivating.  I read most of it on a Sunday afternoon; I just couldn’t put it down.  This book was written by Harvey Yoder and published by TGS International in 2011.

One paragraph which really stood out to me is as follows:  ” “I’m just a crippled princess in her castle, serving her Master.  I’m doing what any rescued and restored servant would do for the One who brought hope and peace to a sad and neglected life.  Whatever little things I can do for God are only a small token of my eternal thankfulness and love for Him.”  With a smile that lit up her entire face, and with eyes that were filled with life, Vera constatly radiated a depth of character that came from hours with the Master.  ”

This book is not in my library yet.  My friend Rachel sent me a box of her books when she found out I was sick. So this is one of those I have on loan right now.  I guess most people who know me, know I love to read! 🙂

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